Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bee Eadie, Lady of Style

So I think we all agree that there are more than enough blogs out there featuring  skinny young things who snap away and show us their american apparel high waisted shorts in every outfit combination humanly possible, all while trying to look slightly jaded and "caught on the street". Enough already. And then there is Ms. Bee Eadie from ATLANTIC-PACIFIC, a breath of fresh fashion air, and a skinny young thing who does it lady-like all the way.  Bee's daily outfit posts effortlessly jump between edgy downtown rocker and as of late the more common "unapologetic uptown princess". Girl is rockin the layers and accessories like no other, showing them how preppy is really done and why it's so much cooler to be sophisticated. We especially love it when she heaps on the pearls and goes for old-school up dos. More please.

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