Sunday, 10 July 2011


Victoria Beckham gave birth to her first and only daughter today; a lucky girl who stands to inherit a wardrobe like no other.
Love her or hate her, but Victoria Beckham has come a long long way since the Spice Girls. Over the course of 10 years to be exact, we have witnessed her transformation  from ex-pop star WAG to fashionista LADY, with all the bumps and hiccups in between. There is a pic out there for every one of the thousands of outfits Ms. Beckham has worn over the years, documenting her transformation is astonishing detail. Here we break it down.

WAG 2003-2006 
Post Spice Girls Victoria found her new identity as the Queen Mother WAG (Wife and Girlfriend) and the look was as a walking cliché of girls who dress for the opposite sex; hair extensions, lip gloss, tan, fake breasts, tight revealing low slung jeans. It was car crash hoochie all the way.

                                                                                                                       WHEN IT ALL CHANGED: THE BOB 2006
In a move to distance herself from the growing pack of b-list british WAGs Victoria suddenly chopped off her hair to a angled bob, decided she was a lady- thus unofficially resigning from the WAG race. In the snap of a finger she went from Cavalli to Roland Mouret and began to cover up and dress in prim, mature fashionable clothing.

                                                                                                                       THE BLONDE 2007
In 2007 Victoria seems to have suffered an identity crisis and briefly relapsed back to WAG territory (was it the move to LA? Her reality show?). She suddenly appeared as a blonde and started hamming up her new lady-like look to border-line vulgar (see: the pink dress with pink Birkin). The breasts came out again in full force, as did the revealing teeny tiny outfits.

                                                                                                                                    THE PIXIE 2008
In 2008 VB made the drastic and bold change that redeemed her from all past fashion crimes. Coinciding with the launch of her fashion line, she emerged at Fashion Week looking like a fresh and beautiful gamine with a tight pixie cut that left us all breathless. Perfection. What followed was a paired down, classic look made up of minimalist tailored pieces and accessories- in other words VB became the walking, talking advertisment of the Victoria Beckham line. And we love the VB line.

                                                                                                                          POST PIXIE EXTREMES
Now….. as evidenced by the WAG look and the 2007 blonde disaster, VB tends to easily drift to extremes when no one is paying attention. It would be wrong of us to proclaim VB a fashion icon without noting that there have been some rather questionable sartorial moments along the way. (Most notably the brief period where Victoria took to sporting the leather military look........). 

Thankfully VB has as of late continued to keep her look classic, chic and paired down, just like her collection. The long hair is back, but this time without the extensions and, she’s bought a package of hair elastics and left the curling iron at home. Behold the completion of the VB fashion transformation.

With the birth of her (yet unnamed) daughter we can’t wait to see where she will head fashion wise. In any case, we hope she continues to dress up and step out and forever provide us with more fashion fodder.
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